Bedrock Liquids Handling Facility


  The Bedrock Liquids Handling Facility is equipped with five truck racks, expandable to twelve, and is located north of Ozona with direct access to U.S. Highway 190 to receive incoming trucked liquids.  The facility treats NGL and Condensate for all normal off specification issues - color, corrosion, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and methane and delivers NGLs that meet pipeline specifications or condensate that has Reid vapor pressure of 9 pounds per square inch and sulfur content of less that 10 parts per million. . (Directions to Bedrock Liquids Handling Facility)

Leon County Gathering System

  Prism owns and operates a 153 mile gas gathering system in Leon and Houston County, Texas servicing natural gas and crude oil producers in the Eaglebine play.  Prism is also developing a crude gathering system in the area with an existing 30 mile 8" high pressure trunk line that extends across the Eaglebine play that is currently in natural gas service.

Pecos Area Transloading Facility

  Prism offers a transportation solution to allow customers flexibility in choosing where to market their condensate and crude products or to source their frac sand or other raw materials.

Prism Gulf Coast Systems, LLC

  Prism with its partner Panther Asset Management, LLC owns the Matagorda Gathering System which serves Texas state waters and adjacent onshore areas and Fishhook Pipeline which serves federal waters offshore Jefferson County, Texas.



Our team works closely with our customers to understand their needs in order to design, construct and operate cost effective and reliable gathering and compression facilities. 
   Processing and Treating
Prism’s extensive experience in designing, constructing and operating natural gas treating and processing plants enables our customers to realize the upgrade of the natural gas value chain.
    Liquids Handling
Bedrock Liquids Handling Facility is capable of managing all on and off spec NGL and Condensate in the Permian Basin.